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Can you buy BLU phones in Europe?

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i want to buy Blu win phone but i tried to find where but i find that u can buy it only in usa can it be purchasible in Europe ? can it be downloaded to your country and how much it would be cost?


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Nov 12, 2012
Re: Can u buy Nokia products In Europe

Blu is a manufacturer... It is not Nokia at all. Nokia doesn't make phones anymore. Microsoft bought Nokia's phone manufacturing division and continues the Lumia line which Nokia started.

Blu is an American company manufacturing cell phones (or having them made to spec in China and branded as Blu). Blu Products - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It appears that Blu has not entered the Euro markets yet.

Downloaded? Do you mean imported? Maybe if you had a friend where Blu is sold they could help... I don't know if Blu ships to Europe directly. You could try their site. Into Blu

Make sure to check that the limited frequencies the Blu phones use will work with your carrier before starting the hunt to get Blu where you are.

BLU Win HD vs. BLU Win JR - GSMArena.com
Mobile country code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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