Cannot update ringtone list


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Feb 13, 2015
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I got lumia 735 (updated to latest 8.1 version).
It had been a while since I placed custom ringtones into my phone, but the other day I wanted to put this short mp3 as a ringtone (1-2 seconds long only). What's more it was an existing ringtone that I already have, I just used audio editing software to speed it up a little bit. So basically, I edited an mp3, named it differently than the original one, placed it into the ringtones folder on my phone. And I can't get it shown under the custom ringtones section when I want to change notifications etc...
The file plays normally when I search for it and play it.
I even tried to convert it to wma, but no success...
So I figured I'd try to download a random ringtone from the internet (the famous: "an ***** is trying to reach you..."). Did that. Moved it to ringtones folder. Again, the ringtones list wasn't updated.
Turned the phone on and off a couple of times, no success.
Removed some of the sounds I never use, no success seeing the new ones I moved to ringtones folder.

What is going on?

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