Can't add new SMS contact on Skype Preview

Biotic Blue

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Nov 6, 2013
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I have been using Skype Preview on my L640 as the default SMS, but am finding it really not as good at handling things as the actual SMS app does, I currently have an issue which is difficult to believe would happen so am wondering if I am going about it all wrong.

I had a friend send me an SMS to give me their number, I go to Skype Preview to open the message and save the number as a new contact and there appears to be no option for it, I can edit the number, I can block contact, add to favourites (perhaps that is the way I didn’t try), delete conversation etc, but I can not add a name to the number. In messaging I press and hold the number, it takes me to the People app, I add new contact, enter name and done, simple, it also immediately replaces the number with the name in the messaging app, yet back in Skype Preview it is still showing as just a number, it hasn’t updated the contact at all and I can see a way of doing this.

Am I missing something here, or can we really not add a new contact in via Skype Preview. I have had issues over Skype showing a number instead of the contact name before now, even when I have had that person in my People app for some time. It just does not seem very good.

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