Can't listening/reply SMS while using the car Bluetooth "hands free" (Lumia 930 W10)


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Oct 13, 2015
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Hello. I have a Lumia 930 and I just updated my mobile SO from WP8.1 to WM10 a day ago.

Until now, when I was driving my car, I could get the SMS's automatically read aloud (and able to voice reply) just conecting my mobile to the car using Bluetooth.

Now, after the update, I connect the mobile in the same way, but the SMS's are not read aloud. If I recieve a call, I can answer it and it works fine, but not with SMS as It use to do with WP8.1. When I recieve one, Cortana announce it and ask me if I wan't to get it read or ignore. When I answer to read it, it does nothing and stop.

Does anyone knows how to configure it? I searched all the options without find anything related. There is a "Driving mode" option that can be set on when I conect the mobile with the car bluetooth, but it only has options to ignore calls or SMS's, nothing of Reading aloud. I have to read SMS option of Cortana in Bluetooth on too.

I will be very grateful of your help. Thank you very much.
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