Can't share folder with another Windows 10 computer, help??

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can't share folder with another windows 10 computer, help??

hey all,

i think this should be a pretty straight forward process, but i'm getting stumped!

i have two windows 10 pro computers. first computer has a folder on the root of the C drive that i want to access from the second computer- both on the same wifi network, same workgroup, set to private network in windows- no homegroups set up.

i can enable sharing of the folder, but i can't select the user account from the second computer that i want to have access to the folder- when i try to select the user account (from the second computer), i can only see the local computer accounts- how do i set access for a specific user account on the second computer?

i'm pretty sure i remember this being more easily done back on windows 7, but honestly it's been awhile since i've needed to set up folder shares.

any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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