Cars and Continuum, a potential competitor to CarPlay/Android Auto?


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Mar 22, 2011
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So I had a pretty awesome thought after I had recently bought a car and was researching into upgrading my entertainment deck.

Some cars are having infotainment systems that actually have Miracast support on them. That, or a video input for HDMI.

Since Windows Phone will not likely get an equivalent to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (may Microsoft Sync rest in peace), Continuum might serve as a perfect way to get that functionality onto cars!

I haven't fully tested out Continuum yet, but has anyone tried the maps app? Specifically the turn by turn voice nav? I know that Groove works, so that's cool.

Overall, it would be really cool if Continuum extended in this manner, as it would be ideally much easier to implement. Car manufacturers wouldn't have to adhere to standards set from Apple or Google which causes fragmentation like needing a specific car brand that supports whichever company they decided to go with. Instead, they can easily incorporate miracast into their existing systems!

Then, all Microsoft would need to do is have a version of continuum that knows when it's being casted to a car. It'll block specific apps that only make sense for cars.

The only major caveat to this idea is controls. Unless some control mapping is occurring between the car touch screens, control of Continuum via Miracast would still be controlled by the phone itself, which is a no no.

Anyways, just curious of what your guys thoughts on this are. I am already thinking of figuring out how to get current Continuum to work with my car!

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