Cases for the Lumia 928?


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Dec 20, 2013
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I'm about to get a lumia 928 and I was wondering if there was a case that has the screen protector as part of the case much like an otterbox, or if there is a case extremely similar to the otterbox.



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Dec 22, 2012
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I know it does not meet your criteria, but I have this case and really like it: Incipio NK-154 feather for the Nokia Lumia 928 - Retail Packaging - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories

Also, I just bought some screen protectors from Amazon too; think it was 3 for $5 and they have worked well. Fosmon Crystal Clear Screen Protector Shield for Nokia Lumia 928 - 3 Pack: Cell Phones & Accessories

I've also been very happy with the Incipio Feather case. While I acknowledge it isn't intended to provide the same level of protection as other styles, it has protected my phone during two "drops to the pavement", only showing some scuffing on the corners of the case.

Also, specific to screen protectors, I have always been the type of person to pre-order screen protectors whenever I know I am getting a device so barely a minute of ownership passes before I get my screens covered. You know the type. Well, with the 928, I thought the screen was just so beautiful that I didn't want to put anything on it. And guess what? My phone has survived, and I have survived! With the screen off, if I catch the light just right I might be able to spot a few very small, light scratch lines but I really need to be looking for them. Under normal use, and normal lighting my screen looks brand new. And this is after the two drops to the pavement I mentioned, in addition to a fall to the ground while at the beach. My phone literally slid face-down across the sand. I gasped, picked up the phone, and wiped the sand off the face. Anyway, after removing the case, letting the sand dry completely, and performing a more thorough cleaning of the phone you would never know that the phone went surfing on the beach.

Anyway, that's my story. Like I said, I'm a fan of the Incipio case, and am very happy with a naked screen. As always, YMMV.

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