Chime in: Is Microsoft's Surface Dial only for artists?

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Dec 17, 2013
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The Surface Dial is a niche accessory that lets you perform a number of functions in a select set of Windows applications. But it seems to be geared mostly at artists and "creators," especially those with Surface Studio PCs.
Ever since I converted to the Surface Pro earlier this year, I've been slowly accumulating accessories for use with my Microsoft 2-in-1 PC. Today I use a Surface Arc mouse, a Surface Ergonomic keyboard, Surface Pen and Signature Type Cover if I'm working away from my home office. I've had my eye on the Surface Dial, a circular gadget that lets you twist, click and press and hold it to perform certain common functions within apps that support it.
It looks really cool, but after doing some initial research, I'm still not clear on the value of such a device for an editor like me. I use Photoshop to edit images but that's about the extent of my "creative" work, not including my writing for Windows Central and Mobile Nations.

I do enjoy new toys, however, and the Surface Dial is one of the few official Microsoft Surface accessories I haven't played with. So I started a thread in our forums, asking people who have experience with the Surface Dial for potential uses I haven't considered.

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