Chime in: Will a Surface Pro last upwards of seven years?

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Dec 17, 2013
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What is the longevity of the Surface Pro? Will it last more than five years?
The Surface Pro is a premium product built by Microsoft as an example that other manufacturers can live up to. It's built with precision and is available with powerful hardware inside, so it's expected that it will last — and remain relevant — for quite awhile.

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Jan 30, 2017
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Probably, depending on how you use it, and your expectations. Using an older machine you have to keep in mind that things are not necessarily going to "fly off the page". Keeping your expectations in check goes a long way to being able to use systems in the long run.

All of my computers (except the tablet the kids use and my phone) are from 2010 or earlier and they are still chugging along.

I have one laptop running Windows 10 and one running Linux. Almost all of my desktops have been re-purposed as servers (save one desktop) so their needs are fairly basic.

When I open up and run VirtualBox VMs, I understand that it may take a bit to get it started. Same with when I open Visual Studio 2016 or Google Chrome. I try to use a few resource-hog applications at a time as possible.

Would I like a newer, more powerful machine? Well, duh! Of course I would. But for reasons, like not being made of money, I just can't go out and buy something brand-spankin' new. I would love the Surface even just for the touch & pen interface.

Outside of my phone, the tablet and my wife's computer, I haven't bought any system since 2000. They are all corporate or personal toss-away systems.

One good thing is any system newer than 2010 will feel like an upgrade for me!

So yeah, I think a Surface will last more than 5 years, so long as your expectations are reasonable.

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