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Color Banding and dynamic contrast FIX (I made a fix)


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Oct 28, 2013
As some of you have noticed, when you go on battery, you have the Intel integrated graphic solution adjust the screen contrast dynamically, which results in a reduction colors visible as it adjust the color at a software level and not the screen actual contrast, creating banding on gradients. Intel consider this feature a "power saving feature", while on the desktop, it's called "contrast enhancement", based on my research. So as you can see, these issues are connected.

If the dynamic contrast adjustment or/and banding is annoying you, I have worked out a solution, that, on my side, doesn't affect the battery life (but further testing is needed, and I need you guys to tell me), or at least nothing significant. The old solution was to force install the Intel graphic drivers, but that decreased the battery life of the Surface Pro 2, as it seams that Microsoft does further power saving optimization to the drivers, and in addition, to the reduction of battery life, you have windows wanting to install back the latest firmware which will remove the forced installed Intel drivers.

The solution that I have, allows you to keep the drivers of the surface and solve this dynamic contrast issue.
The fix is rather simple. It involves changing the driver configuration to have this dynamic contrast feature disabled. Simple as that. No file replacement or driver replacement.

Fix (Advance user only)
NOTE: The following fix is for advance Windows users. A mistake can lead in breaking the system, where at worst, would require to refresh Windows (meaning you'll need to lose everything and re-install Windows). It involve modifying things in the registry. If you are not comfortable doing so, or not an advance user where you have the capability to diagnose and trouble any potential problem, please wait patiently for the non-advance user fix, which involves me to do a program, which will take 2-3 weeks (as I have university).

The the following has not been tested on multiple devices, nor any deep testing has been done to see if nothing else broke. While, it should not (as my knowledge in the registry doesn't indicate anything that could potentially do that), I cannot guaranty that it won't brick your Surface Pro 2, and may void the warranty of the device (the worst must be assumed). Please do this at your own risk.

Following with applying the fix, you understand and acknowledge that I am not responsible for any damage or loss of anything including personal files, work progress, digital currency wallet, or Surface Pro 2. Expect to be on your own if something bad happens. So again, do at your own risk. Make a full backup of all your stuff, is what I recommend before proceeding.

It is highly recommended to do a system restore point before touching anything. To do make one. Start > type: "Create a restore point" > hit the Enter key. A panel will open, click on the "Create..." button. The process will take several seconds. Patiently wait until it is complete before resuming. Please do it, even if you are an advance user. better be safe than sorry.

  • Download the registry file (zipped) here: http://www.helpweaver.com/SurfacePro2_Fix.zip
  • Extract the file on your desktop, DO NOT double click on the registry file. It won't work like this. The file name should be called SP2 Fix.reg
  • Open the Registry Editor (Start > Type: regedit > hit Enter key)
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\, on the left side column.
  • Now, you'll see a bunch of folders (called keys) that has random numbers and letters. It has the format like: {10A0C27D-C745-4095-AD88-24EF6EC168F5}. This is called a GUID (Global Unique Identifier. A randomly generated identification code which is unlikely to have a second one of the same) number is DIFFERENT on every system. You want to check each one, to find the one that has a sub folder (key) called "0000", where, when you click on it, you'll see on the right section of the regedit, a long list of entries. If you only see a few items, like 2-3, that is not it. You want the one with a very long list of entries.
  • Once you found it, now look at the folder (key) GUID name. You want to copy the name. The name needs to be exact. So double check that you have it right!
  • Now, open Notepad, and drag and drop inside Notepad SP2 Fix.reg
  • At the top you'll see this:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  • Notice, "<GUID>". Replace it with the GUID that you copied earlier. So if you had: {10A0C27D-C745-4095-AD88-24EF6EC168F5} in your registry, you'll get:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{10A0C27D-C745-4095-AD88-24EF6EC168F5}\0000] in the reg file. Make sure that the GUID is correct., Very important.
  • Now, save and close
  • Back to the Registry, right-click on the GUID that you found, select Export. This will be your backup so that you can revert back to the old settings, if you want to.
  • Now, that you done your backup, and a system restore, and the reg file has been prepared, you are ready to double click on SP2 Fix.reg on your desktop.
  • Now, all you need to do is restart your computer.

To revert back
  • Double click on the backup reg file that you made earlier, and restart your system

Something bad happen:
  • Open Device Manager (Start > type: Device Manager).
  • Go under Display Adapters section, and right-click on the item that you see there, and select Uninstall. Check the box bellow that state if you want to delete the drivers or not.
  • Restart your system
  • Do a Windows Update. You should see the January firmware update.
  • Now, make sure your Surface Pro 2 is plugged in, and fully charged at 100%, then install the firmware update above.
  • Restart your system.
You should be back to where you were before. If not, do a system restore before you even looked at this thread.

How to switch back to the Surface Pro 2 Intel driver, if I install the Intel ones myself?:
  • Simple! Just install the January firmware /update that will show up again in Windows Update. Be sure you are plugged in, and fully charges before installing the update. That's it! Now you can apply the fix above.

So, tell me how it worked out for you?
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Oct 28, 2013
I am working on a Surface Pro tweak tool which will incorporate this fix for a 1 click solution and easy revert back. I think it will help many here.
But what I am trying to do, is more than just a generic tweak tool, but rather something special showcasing some other tweaks which showcase people work (own utility). However, I don't know if it materialize, its just an idea. My problem is having time to work on it.