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Aug 6, 2013
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Good morning,

Just a brief intro here, I have been lurking on the site for a while doing some reading and I do believe I am ready to jump the Android bandwagon and go to a new OS. I really like what I see with Windows 8 phones and my contract is coming to a close so the timing is perfect. Here is are my problems

(a) I'm with Bell in Canada, and I have a really decent plan that I don't want to give up. Seeing all the new 2 years plans they don't come close to comparing. My specific problem with this is Bell only has the Samsung ATIV and honestly part of my reason for wanting to switch is i'm done with Samsung, I love the Nokia phones in this space and would prefer to go that route

(b) Problem 2 is I really like the idea of the Nokia 1020 however there is no official answer of any sort if it is going to be released in Canada, heck the 925 has passed us by as well.

(c) All Nokia phones are only Rogers

I have not done much research into what it takes to unlock a phone, if I lose features, and if it is a "one and done" type scenario or if I need to keep unlocking after new updates come out or if I will even receive updates. I am also wondering, am I just looking for a pentaband phone or should I be looking for a phone from a specific carrier that that is the equivalent of Bell?

My last questions / comment is, if I can get a good price on a new 920, is it worth holding out for a 1020. Let me also say that while I appreciate a nice photograph I know nothing about what goes into it and I am a true full auto point and shoot and pray type of guy, As I understand it, the 1020 is aimed at more involved photographers, is the 920 decent enough for me?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Ed Boland

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Nov 17, 2012
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I don't know much about all the carriers, unlocking, or availability of specific phones on certain carriers..
But, I CAN tell you that a Lumia 920 has a fantastic camera, and with the exception of the 1020, is still a top of the line device.


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May 29, 2013
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Rabbit_Hunter, don't blame you in the least for wanting to go with a Nokia phone. A friend of ours has the Ativ S and while it does everything it is supposed to do just as well as any other windows phone, it just feels cheap by comparison to our 920's. My husband and I both have the 920, which we purchased from Rogers, and at this point there isn't anything newer that would make me jump ship to go to a different windows phone. It is built like a tank, takes great photos and is just generally a joy to use.

As far as purchasing a Lumia phone from Rogers, with the exception of having to purchase outright you would have absolutely no problems in unlocking it and using it with Bell. It will cost you $15 from to get the unlock code and literally takes less than 3 minutes to complete the unlock once you receive the code. Once that is done, simply put in all of your relevant Bell APN information and you are good to go. Once the phone is unlocked it stays that way, no need to have to do so again after updates. If you find that you have any hiccups with MMS after setting the Bell APN information there is a Nokia app called Access Point which should smooth that out for you. Search the forums here and you will find the direct link for it, it doesn't show up in our app store here in Canada.

The advantage to going with a pentaband phone, which the 920 is, is that once unlocked you can use it virtually anywhere. Just pop in a SIM card, set up the APN information and off you go.

I would have no problem is saying that if you can get a good price on a 920 you should jump on it. If you are not a hard core photographer then the 1020 won't give you really any additional benefits.

Good luck and hope you enjoy your new phone!


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Dec 4, 2012
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You will have no problem receiving updates. If you have a Rogers phone, once Rogers starts pushing updates OTA, your phone will receive them, regardless of the SIM card in your device.

I am currently using an unlocked Rogers 920 in the caribbean and have received all OTA updates released by Rogers so far.

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