Convince me to try with another 1020, please

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Sep 26, 2013
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Most of the time those "natural colors" you get with smartphones like the iPhone look pale and they don't represent the colors you see with your eyes. Heck, most smartphones will show the sky in a grayish color when it's blue. The 1020 takes better pictures with colors that are closer to what you can see, but a little bit saturated as you said.
My criticism is that sometimes the 1020 takes pictures with colors that are far beyond what you can see, and these photos are unacceptably oversaturated. Would you mind going through the URLs I added to my reply here? You will realize then that my complaints are not a single person's point of view, on the contrary! And no, nobody forgets that it's still a smartphone we are talking about and not a DSLR.

This is all in the software and has nothing to do with how the camera performs.
I agree that the hardware has more potential and that the software is the limiting factor. That's why I said I hope for software improvements in the future.

Nobody questions that the 1020 has a good camera in terms of both its hardware and software. But it's neither the best available one (that's the Nokia 808) nor can it be recommended unreservedly. In some respects the Lumia 1020 is even a step backwards in comparison with its predecessor(s). I think that the OP deserves to be given an overall picture and the 1020's disadvantages shouldn't be omitted.


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Mar 5, 2013
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i think it just needs some fine tuning via software , for example an xenon shot shouldnt be using 1/30 second or iso 800/1000 if you change the settings and make the shutter speed much faster and set the iso at 100 youll get a great clear shot that resembles the 808 much more ....... i think nokia just need time to fine tune the software to get better results . I am not saying that it will beat the 808 but it can certainly get much much closer then it does on auto at the minute ;-)

i am pretty happy with mine and have come from an 808 ill be even happier when we see a few updates to the o/s and nokias camera app ;-)

can i just ask if you dont use the 1020 what phone will you buy? or will you wait and hope for a better version?

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