Cortana missing/gone!!!


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Jul 27, 2015
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Is there any tool that's made to restore OR at the last resort reset all the Cortana registry settings and files to make it work again (ONLY CORTANA/but NOT the whole OS), on a computer that had Cortana working but somehow it no longer works?

Just can't figure out what to do anymore, tried so much but it still is gone, and I DON'T want to reset my PC at all, period. Everything on my computer works fine, NO other issues, except I no longer have Cortana working so reset my PC isn't something I like to do.

None of the Windows Updates even fixes it. UGH! I know I can't be the only one with this problem, although many other people had an easy solution like turning enable bing or location, etc to on, those didn't fix mine; mine seem more complicated than that. But I still have not yet found a solution out there though other than people telling other people to reset their OS. WTF is that BS solution? Reset a OS is NEVER a good solution unless the whole OS is F-ed Up.

There has to be ANOTHER way to fix this Cortana problem alone without reset the whole OS.

I am not sure, but I wonder if this value that's wrong? CortanaMUID

Microsoft, why don't you come out with a Cortana troubleshooting & fix tool?

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