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Cortana's potential


New member
May 31, 2012
The potential for Cortana is huge but it all comes down to Microsoft's execution. Even with WP8.1, it still feels in a lot of ways, behind what MS were able to accomplish with W8.1 proper. WP8.1 is a catch up in almost every respect and took far too long to deliver. 8.1 is great in a lot of ways but the competition is hardly sitting still either (well, maybe Apple). MS need to assert themselves in mobile as though it were their W8 and Office businesses and Cortana could definitely be the centre of a new MS. I think people would definitely switch over for something like Cortana if it can prove it's worth and offer more than the likes of Google Now and Siri and for a beta version, I think it's fantastic and I'm sure a lot of others do too. The next year for MS and its fan could be some of the most exciting in recent memory.

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