Could Flash theoretically work on Windows Phone?

Nick Derrico

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Dec 5, 2012
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One of the apps I would really like to see on Windows Phone is Sirius XM. I have actually contacted the developer of the Android and iOS Sirius XM app they currently have zero plans for a WP8 app. So here is my question...

On my Lumia 2520 (which has a Snapdragon 800 and runs Windows RT), I can go right to IE, go to Sirius XM's website, and use the Flash based web player without any issues. From a hardware standpoint, shouldn't this mean that Flash could work if MS were to allow it to happen? I understand that WP8 and RT aren't identical, but I know they do share a lot of code.

Now I would never expect or want MS to fully allow Flash on WP, as it would be a battery draining, security nightmare, but could they "white list" some Flash sites to help cover the "app gap?" Or better yet, make standalone web wrapper apps of certain popular Flash sites, which like they do with the Microsoft Webapps. Candy Crush and other Facebook games would be there for the taking with little effort, and I could finally get Sirius XM. Now I know performance wouldn't be the best, and it could potentially discourage developers from making native apps, but could the pros outweigh the cons?

Would love to know everyone's thoughts, and would love a developer to chime in on this. Thanks!

Note to moderators: I'm not sure which forum to post this, feel free to move me :smile:


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Jan 27, 2014
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Flash could be possible for WP yes :) As it is there is an app (just one yes :/) in the store that serves just this purpose, but since the price is pretty steep not a lot of people have it

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