created some double posts in Andromeda topic


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Aug 19, 2017
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Hi Crew,

I created some double posts in the Andromeda topic (, on the site, not in the forum.

The double posts are both made on Sun Aug 5, 2018 9:59am.

I made this topic because of two reasons:
1. can you please remove those double posts, they are a bit silly.
2. understand what went wrong.

When creating my first post, I did not saw it being posted at all. At first I took some effort in refreshing the topic and re-accessing it to be sure I was looking a to a fresh version of the web page. When, having scrolled up and down, I still did not see the post so I posted it another time, at this time I saw the post for a moment but directly after that it was gone again and could not be found in the post tree. Supposing the external links were the issue, I posted it a third time, with having the links removed. This third post I did not saw being placed as well.

Finally, after scrolling up and down, and sorting the comments on date finaly I saw all three responses. Is there a reason why these messages were not visible immediately? How to act upon this in future? If some mechanism takes time for messages to become visible on the site it is maybe an idea to show a small message so people know what to expect.

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