Creating Custom Ringtones

Vieux Richard

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Oct 14, 2013
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Brand new to the Forum having just recently bought a Samsung ATIV S.
I have read elsewhere that creating Ringtones on WP8 was as easy as dragging an MP3 file without DRM from the PC to phone. No more the restrictions of earlier versions of Windows Phone i.e. size & length limits.
So I did just that & copied a MP3 file to the Ringtones folder but could not see it on the Samsung as there was no Custom category in Ringtones - only Windows Phone & Samsung. To make matters worse, I could find no way of "sampling" the existing Ringtones because pressing any of them did not give me any audio sound.Anyway I dragged some other MP3 files across with the same result.
Could not find a solution anywhere, so I thought I would just try "shortening" the first MP3 file to < 40 secs & then dragged that across et voil? I now have a CUSTOM category on the phone & the new ringtone works fine.
So I guess the rule is; there's no rule when it comes to WP8 you just have to experiment. Hope this info is helpful.

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