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Oct 9, 2009
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Hi all,

I have had a Palm Pre since June, i post over at

I have been highly interested in the Touch Pro 2 and have some questions befored i decide if i want to switch over.

I researched the device and found answers to most of my questions, just have some others and I thank anyone in advance for taking the time to answer my questions...

1. If anyone has had the Pre & Touch Pro 2, any thoughts on what you you like bettter/worse about the Touch Pro 2 would be great.

2. If i moderately use the phone: some calls, some emails, moderate texting, moderate to heavy web, maybe some music. Will the phone last me all day? With my current usage, the Pre gets me through the day (although i did upgrade to a 1350 mah)

3. I have used WinMo in the past. I currently use Gmail and Google Calendar. Is there a push option like the Pre & Blackberry, or is it still pull?

4. If i have multiple calendars with Google, does it sync with the TP2 calendar and have different colors like the Pre?

5. Is there a Pandora app?

6. How is the Facebook app

7. Are there any known problem with the Touch Pro 2? (like Pre's oreo effect, or Blackberry's trackballs)

8. What does Windows 6.5 bring to the table that would be an advantage over HTC's current touch flo 3D which i hear is amazing?

9. Lastly, is the responsiveness that much improved over the TP1? and is the touchscreen more responsive than with the TP1?

I think that's all i really had questions on that i could not find specific answers to.

I know this is a TP2 forum and the bias is going to favor the TP2 (just like people at the Pre forum will favor the Pre), but i'm just trying to get some thoughts and advice.

Thank you again!
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Sep 17, 2009
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Okay, I can't answer all of your questions, but I'll give you what I know. I had the Pre briefly, but returned it do to carrier purposes. (*Couldn't get a good signal in my area.*)Your biggest thing will probably be going from a capacitive screen, to a resistive one. TF3D is really awesome and smooth, but I liked the Pre WebOs much better. It's a little quicker and there are less steps when opening a new application. (*As you know, just click and push to the side or off the screen.*) Hands down the keyboard goes to the TP2, no need to ramble on about that. I've heard a lot of good and bad reports about the battery power. To be honest, I can tell you mine is great and it last me throughout the day, but what you have installed and how the phone is set up effects everything, so that's something I can't give you a good answer on. (*Everyone's phone set up is different.*) You can set your email account to be fetched every 15 min, 30 min, etc.....don't know if this is push or pull. But I think there are some tweaks or 3rd party apps that will alllow it to come instantly. I'm do know the answer to your calendar question. I never tried Pandora, so I'm not sure. Facebook is okay. It's not the best I've seen, but you know there are always upgrades, so it'll get better over time. There are a few quirks (*ie...dead pixels*), but I don't think there are any major problems that have users returning there devices in mass amounts. Windows and TF3D works hand and hand, so there isn't an advantage to either. When you get past the TF3D skin, you get Windows. I never had the TP1, so I can't compare the responsiveness. I had both phones and all I would say is that I'm glad I returned the Pre because I would have missed the chance to get this one. Good luck on your decision!!

P.S..........This phone is great by the way.


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Oct 11, 2009
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I had a Palm Pre for 29 days and loved it like an only child. I've had a Tilt for a few years now, and the Pre blew it away. I also had an Iphone, twice, and hated it both times. Imagine that. So I'm not biased, I will try any phone and give it a fair shake.

I only returned the Pre because it had a very weak signal at my home away from home. Sprint barely has a presence in that area. That was the deal killer. Also with the Pre I can't tether to my work computer. With my Tilt I get nice 3G speeds at work and I love it.

I have the Pure now, and the on screen KB just isnt working for me. Even though I quickly got used to the Pre's kb, I don't like the on screen one on the Pure. So I will be getting the Touch Pro 2 on the 18th for the great keyboard and ability to tether.

If I didn't care about tethering and a good signal, I would be sporting the Pre without any reservations. In fact after playing with mine, 3 people from work switched over.

Personally I am used to WinMo and 6.5 is pretty nice. I don't use the touchflow, since I like the stock Windows Today screen. But I realize I am more of a media/texting/web user and frankly, the WebOS is better suited for it IMO.

So my advice is, if you don't have a MAJOR complaint with the Pre, you have a good signal and find the apps work well for you, keep it.

I am waiting for the Leo. Cap screen, should be upgradeable to Winmo7, and I get to tether.


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Mar 4, 2005
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You can use google calndar/contacts and gmail using MS Echange on your phone. You can set this to do push. You'll probably be much happier with battery life on the Touch Pro 2 as well.

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