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May 17, 2011
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I bought my Venue pro last week and got it on Wednesday. On Friday, I saw a deal on Venue Pro's for 3months live time, 3 months of zune pass, and 8000 live points for free when you buy a DVP. I have been trying since that day to get Dell to give me that free package and save me the hassle of having to return and buy the phone again. Finally today I have spent 3 and a half hours on the phone , still on the phone, with Dell Support and their only solution is to return and repurchase. This already seems stupid because it should just be a simple transaction on the computer stating i want to return and use the credit to buy the same phone. I do it all the time at work. However, Dell Support is saying it cant be done and that I have to do it there way which takes 15-30 business days to process the phone after it has been received at which point I may or may not receive the package depending on if its still available. This seems completely retarded to me seeing at 15-30 business days translates to 3-6 weeks by which time I'm pretty sure the deal will be gone.

So, to all the people who have a venue pro which falls under the return policy still I ask that you call Dell demand that you be given this package with out this nonsense that they are saying to go through. The package is definitely worth imo its got a regular value of about $160. By the amount of posts about issues with the DVP I think we deserve this package, all of us not just those within the return policy, for having still bought the DVP or having stuck with it.

Also, any help would be appreciated in regards with who to talk to at dell that you may know or what department may be of better help.

Currently I have been told that my call would always be transferred to Dell Mobility even though they only handle technical issues. I have spoken with the supervisor, Robert, he has told me he will send out emails and see if anybody knows another way to do it. ( Don't know if he will really send out an email though) The number for Mobility support is 1-800-308-3355. You might as well ask for Robert right off the bat since the people who work in that call center continuously defer to him when asked this question. (I know because I was transferred there about 3 times and also transferred to other departments before speak to him myself).

I would suggest expressing how disappointing it is that dell requires that and that you cant believe that somebody would require that much just so you can get a code from a offer which may not even be around anymore because it takes 3-6 weeks to process a phone once they receive it.

Post how it works out for you if you do decide to do this and I will also continually update this.

Here is a link to the deal Free XBOX Live for up to 3 Months When You Buy Dell Venue Pro | Dell
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