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Dell Venue 8 Pro reset problem


Nov 6, 2013
I'm posting this here so it hopefully reaches more people than just in the Venue 8 Pro forum...

So I bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro when it first came out and have been using it happily ever since but recently realised it used to run much smoother on Windows 8.1 that it came with. Luckily, at some point I asked Dell to send me the reset USB flash drive that they used to send with a special adapter that let you feed power at the same time. So I just took that out, followed the instructions, and set to resetting the tablet to factory OS.

The thing is, it's definitely gone back, but the screen isn't responding to touch. At all. I would have thought that this recovery drive to the tablet's stock setup would have worked fine but clearly it doesn't. It appears that if I could get past the setup screen I could probably go looking for drivers. Thinking it was just that it needed to be run with a mouse, I plugged one in but no response.

Does anyone know ANYTHING I can do?


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