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Dell XPS 15 Reviews


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Nov 12, 2012
Built from the ground up to make others jealous with power and RAM to spare, featuring a display option ranging from full 1080p to 4k; who doesn't want one?

Who has gotten one? Post your reviews here and let us know how she handles the curves your life throws at her...


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Feb 26, 2008
I got my xps 15, 4K touchscreen, 512gig SSD, 16 gig RAM, nvidia 960, i7 Skylake cpu, Windows 10 pro. It's a dream. Fast, six hour battery life, works great with external monitors. I initially had some problems until the Bios updates in early 2016. Also had a motherboard failure but Dell sent a tech to my house to replace it and it is back to being a dream machine. Just nothing to complain about. I think its a close call with the similarly spec'd ASUS for $600 less but Dell quality is much better and I was buying this as a work machine for my home business so cost wasn't a big issue for me compared to reliable fast onsite service.


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May 28, 2015
Has anyone benchmarked the battery life delta between otherwise identically spec'd out FHD and 4K display machines? I have a strong want for an XPS 15 with FHD, Core i7 (4-core/8-thread) and 16BG / 1TB. I see cuzlion's 6 hour reference to battery life (for 4K) and while I like that, I'd really like to know what I am giving up on FHD battery going that route. I have only seen lesser CPU'd machined tested with the FHD so if anyone knows of a 1:1 comparison on battery life, I would be very appreciative.


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Feb 22, 2017
Hate to bump an old thread but since this is a sticky, no harm no foul?

I previously used (still have) a 2017 model HP Spectre x360 and I just got a new, open-box XPS 15 9570 from eBay a week ago. I got the model with the 4K screen, 32Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD and the GTX 1050ti. I've always wanted an XPS but now that I have one, I know that I should've gone for the XPS initially. It's only been a week but I already LOVE using this machine. It's smaller and slightly lighter than the Spectre but still feels just as premium. I think the build quality is at least on par with the Spectre but I wouldn't necessarily call it better built. The 360[SUP]o[/SUP] hinge notwithstanding, I find the XPS's look to be significantly more like a conventional laptop than the Spectre, which is nice. I feel like I can bring it out and not attract as much attention as I may have if I brought out the Spectre with it's shiny gold highlights and hinge. Both are very nice to look at and I've already had a conversation struck up about the XPS.

The fans are very quiet under normal load. The screen is very bright. Case in point: I just blinded myself because I'm typing this at night in a room with the lights off and I unplugged the power cable and the screen brightness shot back up to 100% from 0%. So yes, the screen is very bright; I normally use the XPS with the screen at just 50% even in bright daylight. The battery life is also astounding. I found that I couldn't use my Spectre a full school day and I would have to bring my power cable with me but with the XPS, I don't have to worry about it because it just lasts all day. If I don't do too anything resource intensive and I keep the brightness low, at around 25-50%, the battery could last up to 8 hours.

I'm an amateur photographer so the excellent screen is great to have and the very good GPU renders images very quickly. Being an engineering student, the huge amount of RAM and fast processor blaze through CAD programs even better than the computers my college uses. I haven't yet been able to do too much CAD work or image processing but from what I HAVE done, the XPS has breezed through it with flying colors.

Game play is great for what I play; mostly Cities: Skylines, Warthunder and World of Tanks. On the latter two, I'm consistently getting greater than 60FPS on high settings. C:S just gives 30 FPS no matter what. I don't game very often so I have nothing really to note here. Fans get loud because of the load.

I still like the '17 Spectre. It's a great computer for when general use or media consumption is ideal and power intensive applications are being used but for me, the XPS is perfect because I do all that. (Now if only I could write this much for a research paper due in May)


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Aug 29, 2017
I just upgraded to a Dell Precision 5530 at work since I run Solid Works, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, etc. I like the laptop overall. I have the i7 6 core and it's a beast. When I run Solid Works, the battery drain is very impressive. The 5530 is similar to an XPS 15 9570, so much so I was able to replace the standard FHD non-touch screen with a Dell XPS 15 4K touch screen I purchased from Parts-People. I am now looking for a 97whr extended battery. The low capacity battery I received in mine is horrible. Other than the battery life, the Precision 5530 / XPS 15 is a great high performance machine. For some reason these 97whr batteries are impossible to find. I called Dell and they can't tell me when they will be back in stock.

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