Design or Usability or BOTH


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Jul 5, 2014
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I have been on WC for almost a year now. I have been on other forums as well. What trend I see is that a lot of users do not care about the design - the look and feel of the OS or any other software.

More of them are interested in things crammed into a screen that will just help them get to the place in few clicks or taps.

The more frustrating thing is that companies are forced to listen to these users to draw them to their services by making the changes these so called "experienced users" want.

Then there are us - people like me who are more inclined to the design side. The people like us who suffer most at the hands of these so called users who spoil the experience for us.

Usability is the first thing, obviously, but if something is presented in a good package it just make the whole thing interesting.

I see the Windows Phone 8.1 and I see the Windows Phone 8. Although the former is an evolved version with better usability, the look and feel has been severely compromised.

Just look at the notification+action centre. Then there is the Music and Video application that was separated and then they became totally useless. Music has improved a bit since then but Video has worsened. OneDrive application with the new interface that completely defies the Microsoft's own Modern design with no transitions at all!

These people with no taste have only caused pain to the people who like good and consistent design.

What companies need to understand is that not everyone can be pleased and that people will want whatever and they should not bend over and let these users do to them whatever they do. Stick to your original plan - keep improving on it. A person coming from a different platform will want similar features - it's not needed to feed them with their ego and alienate your existing loyal customers.

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