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Did MS mess up OneDrive in Fall Creators Update, October 2017?


New member
Aug 1, 2015
I use OneDrive to sync files between 4 computers, 64 bit Windows 10 latest update on all. Thus, in the past, I've had a OneDrive directory as "c:\Users\MyUserName\OneDrive", and saved files I want to sync here. After FCUD, OneDrive doesn't work properly.

Consider this set of commands in (commercial tool) MATLAB command window:

>> pwd
ans =
>> cd MyUserName
>> pwd
ans =

>> cd OneDrive
Error using cd
Cannot CD to OneDrive (Name is nonexistent or not a directory).

If I do the equivalent in (freeware) language Julia (www.julialang.org, 64bit):

julia> cd("c:/Users/MyUserName/OneDrive")
julia> pwd()

I'm actually moved to the correct location (i.e., the OneDrive catalog). But if I try to execute files in this location, I get an error message:

julia> julia> include("first_test.jl")
ERROR: could not open file c:\Users\MyUserName\OneDrive\first_test.jl
[1] include_from_node1:):String) at .\loading.jl:569
[2] include:):String) at .\sysimg.jl:14

If I run the same code in a location on the C-drive *outside* of OneDrive, the code seems to run.
Using cd to traverse the directory tree in the DOS cmd window works, though (similar to as in Julia, but different to what happens in MATLAB).

This used to work in Windows 10 *prior* to FCUD! Microsoft has done some changes to OneDrive with the result that OneDrive is not recognized properly as a directory any more.

Bug or "Feature"?


New member
Apr 14, 2012
Microsoft somehow changed something, but the problem lies within MATLAB.
R2017b cannot cd to OneDrive, but when you use R2017a or earlier, it will work (at least on our machines (Build 16299.19).

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