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May 26, 2011
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Does anyone know how to disable the haptic feedback from the capacitive buttons on the screen? I, personally, can't stand it and have shut it off any Android device I've owned in the past.


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Dec 11, 2010
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Custom ringtones. No word on notifications, which is a whole different animal. Tried to add a new alert sound on my dev unlocked phone and it did not go well.

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Nov 29, 2012
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My original Trophy was purchased from Verizon in Nov., 2011. I recently lost it and arranged for replacement through Asurion under my phone insurance plan. When I was installing the battery into the replacement, I saw a sticker inside the phone which said "Asurion Remanufactured" and when activating the replacement, I got a message to the effect that the GSM SIM had been removed. I called Asurion and was able (or so I hope) to have a Trophy shipped to me with the GSM SIM intact as I'd purchased the phone with such a SIM.

I mention this because I never had any issues with haptic feedback on my original phone as it was apparently disabled out of the box. The only "vibrations" I'd had to modify could be handled through the settings option. I find the haptic feedback on my replacement a real irritation and hope the second replacement with the GSM SIM won't have the issue.

Based on what I'd been reading, I thought the haptic feedback was some sort of unaddressable ROM issue, but then I found this:

Disable haptic feedback for 3 buttons in front HTC Trophy WORKS - xda-developers

Apparently if you're bold enough to unlock the phone and edit the registry, you CAN turn the haptic feedback off; it's not an unaddressable hardware / firmware issue as some moderators would have you believe.

My theory is that a Trophy should be strapped to the forehead of the HTC CEO in such a manner as to have him experience haptic feedback in an appropriate manner. We might find an update from HTC with a haptic feedback "OFF" option available within 72 hours or less.

At least I can dream.

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