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Display Backlight stays on even when display turns off - Surface Studio


New member
Mar 20, 2012
I am not sure if there are many Surface Studio owners on this site, but since I have not been able to get much help from Microsoft with this issue over the past few months, I figured I would check here to see if anyone else has this issue and, if so, if there is a way to fix it.

I have my Surface Studio set to turn off the display after 10 minutes (but this issue happens regardless of the length of time I set it for). When the display has turned off, I will often find that the backlight for the display has remained on, but the screen itself is completely blacked out. This does not happen every time the display turns off and sometimes it will actually turn off completely as it is supposed to do, but then after a while, the backlight will turn back, while the screen stays blacked out.

I have been submitting feedback through the Feedback Hub about this a lot and I did open a support case with Microsoft on the issue at one point. The support engineer I worked with had never heard of this issue before and ran through a number of steps with me, but after working with her for about 2 days, we decided to try rolling back the June cumulative updates and that seemed to fix things. However, since then, obviously a couple more updates have rolled out and the problem recurred once the July Cumulative Updates were installed and continues to occur with the latest August CUs.

Has anyone seen this happen before and have any thoughts on how to resolve it? I would hate for the gorgeous display on my Studio to die a premature death because the backlight eventually gives out because it remains turned on often times when the display is supposed to be turned off.