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DLNA question (Lumia 635 using Play To)

Feb 2, 2015
If I'm using my phone as a hotspot and I try to use Lumia Play To, I cannot use DLNA because it states that there is no WiFi network. But if I use Easy Transfer I can go to the IP address provided in a web browser on any other device in the network and stream videos. This obviously does not work on the Roku, because the Roku does not have a web browser but it works on PC, another smartphone, or a tablet.

My question is, why is it that Lumia Play To needs another WiFi network to make DLNA work? Why can't the phone be used as an internet access point, and Play To just use that network to cast videos? Even Linada Share can be seen by the Roku (just not read), so is this a limitation with Lumia Play To, or a limitation with Windows Phone?

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