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Do Bing saves/bookmarks not transfer?


New member
Feb 2, 2012
I have an Android phone with the Bing app installed and my Microsoft account assigned to it. I have multiple saves/bookmarks that I access frequently. I've recently purchased an Android tablet and installed the Bing app there and use the same Microsoft account. However, when I go to view my saves / bookmarks there, it tells me I haven't saved anything yet. I would think that because I'm using the same account, I'd see the exact same list of saves/bookmarks that I see on my phone. Is there a setting I'd need to change so this syncs or is this feature just not available?
Jun 9, 2021
Strange, if you sign in with the same account then saved bookmarks will definitely show in normal scenario. I suggest you open Edge app properties or Info and clear cache and also clear date then clear it from Ram. Now restart your device and open Edge, sign in again I hope this time your problem will be solved.