Do you think all games on windows phone should be able to have xbox features without any restriction


Mar 17, 2013
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well we can report to Microsoft if the game is not up to standard. IOS and android have no restrictions but why can't we. It's just games.

True but the Xbox Live part sweetens it. Imagine earning gamer points on the go, that the point of Xbox part. They definitely should make more xbox titles or have more games that have that integration.


May 15, 2013
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Xbox is one the key brands that will keep windows phone market share stable imo. As they can accomplish so much, sync between xbox music, video, achievements on your pc, phone and console - it sounds simple but that is a big deal, everything is about an ecosystem and no longer about what features your phone has i.e colour screens, polyphonic ringtones then superceded by mp3s, irda then bluetooth - that era is long gone.

I for one I don't like the route they are going for the xbox brand (which ironically was one their selling points for wp7.) . It is like they are going away from it by de-branding the apps though that was probably due to Cortana as "play my music" sounds more natural than "go to xbox music".

They can still accomplish the sync, but it is the brand that grabs attention. That's what they are dire need of in the US, a strong brand that will sell and that is Xbox. Which infuriates me the most as that is what they have but they are not utilising its full potential.

In terms of games, they still need to learn that developers need more control and the ability to update or push out patches without heavy financial impingement (i.e fez). As without these people are left neglected and miffed. The open source xbox live frame work was supposed to address this but they appear to have gone dark on this. Without this framework we will be seeing less and less xbox live titles for windows 8.x / wp 8.x going forward.

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