Do you think MS should go ahead and help build Win32 ecosystem on Windows Store?

nam vo

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Jan 25, 2013
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Windows 10S is an idea to gradually build up universal app ecosystem to the point that can get Mobile platform relive.

However, as many have pointed out, on the desktop/laptop/tablet, the browsers like Chrome/Edge is the main culprit to hinder the ability users to reach out for apps.

I think it's time for MS to build a team to reach/consult all open source/free apps like 7-zip, filezilla, and help them build their own Win32 Centennial apps and upload to the Windows store so that Windows 10S can be a success and to the point that people will prefer installing apps from the store to downloading manually and not knowing beforehand if it's safe for the machine.

At that stage, MS should change the way Windows 10S behaves, like allowing to manually download and deploy new apps but the OS should pop up warning message like 'It's not safe to install softwares/app outside the Windows Store. This app could be a malware...' ... , pushing players like Google to publish its own Chrome browser to the store.

To switch someone's mind, you must give an intiative, and MS should start first, the rest will follow. They can pick the most popular free/open source tools to start with.

What do you think about that ?

(sorry for my english :D)
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