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Do you think that is better Moto G Lte (4,5 inch) or a Lumia 640?

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Actually i have an iPhone 4s, but actually is too laggy and i want to switch to a new smartphone.

I have tried OnePlus One but is too big and with zero ergonomics (very good smartphone for quality price... but difficult to use into my hand)

I want a suggestion:

- better Lumia 640


- better Moto G LTE 4,5 inch ? (second gen)

My principal app are:

- WhatApp
- A good camera app
- A good browser
- Evernote
- Car Navigator
- Very good MP3 and FLAC player

As you can see i'm a basic app user.



New member
Nov 12, 2012
Since you state ecosystem really is not a big factor...

Even this is a Windows site, I'm going to go against the grain and say Moto G, but only the 3rd gen.

Higher res screen and a SD 610 SoC make it look more attractive. IDK what camera it will have, but i guess it will be at least the same as 640 since that does not get Zeiss, OIS or any other Lumia camera upgrades we look for here...

Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE vs. Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) - GSMArena.com