Does the Radar have a micro SD card slot?


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Aug 30, 2011
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It does not and that was my downside for it, but it is a very beautifully crafted device and it has 4G. Right now I'm a HEAVY music listener and my music takes up about 4.55 GB so that's pushing it, and skydrive isn't dependable (but maybe with a 4G phone, it may be better). I don't know. Some days I'm talking myself into getting it, then some days I'm talking myself out of it and waiting for the next batch. Not interested in the Samsung Focus S because my partner is getting one (something bothers me about having the same phone LOL) and the Titan is ridiculous in size. I'm sure after awhile of using it it'll be okay but that's okay. The Omnia W (Focus Flash) has an odd shape that I don't like about it. So now it's between this and the 800 but I really don't want to be behind once Microsoft starts getting a handle on video calling


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Dec 1, 2011
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Yeah, 8GB is a drag. Apparently, memory on WP is not hot swappable. I've seem some hacks on other htc WPs that show that, deep inside of all these locked memory phones, is a normal microSD card (can't verify that for the Radar.) Even if you dig out this card and put in a higher capacity one, you'll have to do a hard reset to take advantage of the extra space. When the warranty drops out on my Radar I may just consider that. I'm a music lover too. I broke down yesterday and got a Zune pass. I love it. Nothing like hearing a song in a tv commercial, using Bing search to id the song and then instantly moving to marketplace to buy it and hear it (or download it) with the pass. Having a cheap data plan on t-mo with no fear of overage fees makes it even better.

I know Amazon lets you store your own music in the cloud (where you can stream it from them) for a low rate. Not sure if there is a dedicated interface app for that though.

The cloud is the future guys.

(by the by, love the IG references cckg!)


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Sep 27, 2011
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No doubt some people will need more than 8GB.

I personally don't carry my music around with me so it's good for me. However it's completely understandable how that can make or break the purchase for some people since you cannot expand it.

I have my Radar set up exactly how I want it right now and out of 6.54GB, I got 4.25GB free.

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