Doesnt anybody miss the lack of notification for text on the Radar?


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Jul 5, 2012
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I should have researched this phone more carefully before I bought it. I thought when I read that it had the well known "flashing green light" that it would apply to everything but unfortunately that light only flashes when there is a missed call.

I haven't found anything like "No LED" for android which is a great app and shows up on the screen when you have a text, missed call or email.

I know the phone notifies you by sound when a text comes in etc. but I really miss seeing the notification on the screen so that I dont constantly have to have my phone with me and so that I dont always have to switch on the screen to see if there is or isnt.

I know its not a big deal but for me I really miss it.

Its my own fault. Didn't research the phone completely.

I really hope that someone will come up with an app that is similar to "NO LED"

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