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Downloading on Windows 8.1 tablets.


WPCentral Question

can i download a file which exceeds 5 GB. on my win 8.1 tablet.
And also is there a file manager to view it. Please help this new bee


Retired Ambassador
Sep 26, 2014
You do not give that much information but here a few general tips.
Do you still have enough space on your tablet?
If you want to download it on a SD card is the card formatted on exFAT?
On an FAT32 formatted SD card you can not save files larger then 4GB.

If above does not solve your problem please register on the site and reply on this post with some more details like which tablet, how much storage space you have, do you have an SD card. Di you get a failure code when you try to download the file and if so which code.

About the file manager you can use windows explorer.