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Edge and headphones


New member
Dec 9, 2016
I purchased the Surface Pro 4 so I thought about converting over to using the Edge browser instead of chrome for my laptop and surface both with Windows 10.
Edge seems to run fast and I haven't experienced any problems with it other than using my headphones.
If I play a video in the Edge browser from the sources I've tried I get no sound while using headphones. I can change sound option to speakers and I get sound. I can go to chrome and play a video from the same video source and the headphones work. This is all on my laptop.
I've searched for solutions to this problem but I'm really afraid to change a lot of stuff with the headphone settings due to using them to play SWTOR and WOW with.
I tried changing a setting in the device manager and the headphone disappeared from there but they at least still work.
The headphones are Razer Kracken with the updated drivers.

abhishek singh21

Apr 27, 2014
could you share with us the current OS build/version in your surface book/laptop .
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