Enable Cortana Features During Phone Calls


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Nov 19, 2012
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Hey - if you're like me and find yourself juggling the phone from your ear during a call just to get at the data on your phone, consider voting for my UserVoice idea to enable Cortana during a call so she can give you everything you need in-call.

Heck - you can even impress your iPhone and Droid friends by showing them - on the call - what Cortana can do for them that their lousy voice assistance can't!

If you'd like to see the details and vote it up for Microsoft to see, click this, sign in and use a few of your votes to rally the cause!

During a call, Cortana's powerful features are blocked and unusable.

Allow Cortana to be enabled during a call at the press of a button. When pressed during a call, Cortana will join the call with her telltale chirp and will take commands from either party on the call for features such as

Take down a phone number, address, or email address during a call
?Cortana, add Bob Smith to the address book, phone number 123-456-7890?

Answer local scout and other inquiries
?Cortana, good restaurants near me.?

Create an appointment or reminder during a call
?Cortana, remind me to call Bob next Thursday about golf.?

Calendar Summary
?Cortana, what is my next appointment today??
?Cortana, am I available at 2 pm next Wednesday??
?Cortana, how busy is tomorrow??

Enabling Cortana is not only very useful during a call, it also allows the other party on the call to witness the power of Cortana they may never have otherwise come to experience (driving upsell to Windows Phone!). It also prevents the Windows Phone user from having to awkwardly pull the phone from their ear, turn on the speakerphone, then manually rummage through the calendar or other WP features to find, add or edit the necessary information. It?s also a great time-saver to add calendar or appointment data as needed instead of possibly getting it wrong doing it after you complete a call.

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