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i bought a new laptop here in japan with windows as expected my laptop is in japanese, even the keyboard layout is different. at first logging into my account was not a problem, until i downloaded a language pack to change it into english, i met a problem. whenever i log in i keep recieving this error message "That password is incorrect. make sure you're using the password for your Microsoft account. You can reset it at"...i've already changed my password on the said site but the message still appears. but when i restart my computer the error message will not appear and i can get into my account. even after i upgraded it into windows 10 the problem is still the same. please help...i'm kind of scared to troubleshoot it my own because this is my first time using windows 8.1/10 so i'm not familiar with the settings and all, even though i've successfully changed the language into english, the settings are still in japanese...

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