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Jun 9, 2021
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No and its definitely gone for good because according to "Forbes" Apple’s Bold Plan To Beat Facebook With Brilliant New iPhone Features.

Apple is about to strike Facebook with a major blow that will hit the data-hungry social network’s revenues and could force it to change its ways. That’s because in September this year, Apple will launch its iOS 15 operating system update, bringing with it multiple new iPhone features.

Among these are privacy reports, which will show you how often apps access your iPhone’s camera and contacts, as well as highlighting which third party domains you are contacting and when. In iOS 15, Apple is also introducing features that will help to put a stop to email tracking on your iPhone. The iPhone maker is also enhancing its Safari browser with privacy controls such as its iCloud+ Private Relay.

It comes after Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5 at the end of April. The new iPhone feature hurts the likes of Facebook by making tracking across apps and websites opt-in only.

The iPhone tracking impacted by the change takes place through something called the identifier for advertisers (IDFA)—a unique code that allows companies such as Facebook and its advertisers to see which ads you’ve interacted with and when. But when users deny tracking on their iPhones, the app developer can no longer track them because instead of the IDFA, they will simply receive a string of zeros.

And as predicted, iOS 14.5’s ATT has already hurt Facebook and its advertisers. In fact, the latest figures from Branch, which analyses mobile app growth, show that 75% of iPhone users are opting out of being tracked across their iPhones.

Per: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kateof...rilliant-new-iphone-features/?sh=5c6b5c5cbf44
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