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File type no longer recognized with sync


New member
May 28, 2014
Hi all,

I have a Lumia 620 with WP8.1 Update 1. I recently purchased a new 32 GB microSD to replace my old 8 GB one. I have always used Windows Phone app for Desktop to sync music and photos to my device without problem. Now after syncing, the Music and Photos apps no longer recognize the files they are supposed to. In other words if I go into the apps everything is empty. I can, however, confirm that the files are there and I can open them through the Files app and MixRadio still recognises that my music is there. Finally, if I go into Storage Sense I see that Music and Photos are shown as empty and all my files are filed under 'Other'.
I have formatted the new card on both my pc and phone before syncing and obviously redone the process a few times as well as restarting the phone. I'm not sure what caused this or what to do from here.

Thank you for the help in advance

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