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First Date With Ms Band2


New member
Nov 20, 2015
The so far story is ? I had a Fitband Hr for 2 or three days, returned it and got MS Band used it for 10+ days.

Despite my best efforts I just could not get used to the fact that I was almost wearing an Anti Social Behaviour Order Tag feel. So returned it and got MS Band 2.

The first thing I noticed was it is genuinely wearable ? whilst I have some reservations about its durability, Band 2 doesn?t require to have a long sleeve shirt ? you can definitely leave it in public view.

So far my understanding is having an UV sensor and ability to count stairs are the only additional features on Band 2 comparing to Band1. For that additional ?100? my brain says price is bit too much ??

I don?t know how many people known to Forum members have perished due to direct results of exposure to UV light ? in my case the number is Zero. To me climbing stairs ? same as steps count it goes to same bucket.

However, overall I am definitely in Love with Band 2 ? for sure this band is Million times better on the wrist than Band 1, that?s the only way I can justify the additional ?100.

Long term use wise ? I just have a feeling (in my case) I would like to have strap protector than a screen protector ? possible high friction ? rubber material is going to get rub against clothing etc and this might give it much premature aging/worn-out kind of look.

All the functions are working perfect in my Band (at present) and I took it out for a short calibration Jog and used it in the gym for a workout. All came just perfect.

My request to MS is ? Please make Android app more inspirational ? the current colours, GI, all make me Yawn. The amount of Data this band is collecting ? one can develop an inspirational and ?want to do more and more? kind of health app -