First, Microsoft Copilot came for your keyboard. Now, it wants to live in your File Explorer.


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Nov 10, 2015
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"Microsoft is on a quest to get AI in front of as many consumers as possible."

That's going to be difficult with no consumer products.

It does appear that MS is pushing this stuff way too hard. It all HAS to be easy to turn off.

Arun Topez

Aug 19, 2023
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They're pushing AI/Copilot way too hard to the point of being annoying. If they were smart, instead of putting a large Copilot icon in EVERY app, the taskbar, AND a physical key... they would just make the ONE Copilot button on the taskbar float/react when there's an opportunity to be used (i.e. the cancelled floating Cortana concept that was supposed to come to Windows). The implementations they've been doing are lazy and annoying. But having ONE Copilot hook into Windows, and all apps/services (optionally of course, with the ability to opt-out) THEN that sounds more interesting and what Cortana was supposed to be. Copilot in it's current implementation is way too slow and way too limited to be of any use to consumers and currently only is useful in the Office apps. The Windows and other variants are pretty much useless in it's current form.

And regarding the part about the backlash about the replaced physical key - in most current keyboards it's the Context Menu key that they're replacing, and it's actually a frequently used key for power users and people with accessibility needs and for people without touch screens or mice to access the right click context menus. They've now replaced it with Copilot and some OEMs like Dell put the context menu function as a subfunction, but that defeats the purpose for accessibility needs because now it requires 2 key presses instead of one. Copilot already has so many entry points on the software side AND keyboard shortcut, so there's adding a key just for launching the same webapp sidebar is desperate, most likely because consumers are not using it.
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