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Five things you need to know about the HTC Vive


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

There's nothing else quite like it, but the HTC Vive probably isn't for everyone.
Deep down, every kid who has ever played a video game has been preparing to use the HTC Vive. The way we turn our bodies to match a turn in a racing game, or jump when something scary happens, or even throw a controller when we're mad is something that can actually be done in Vive. Whether you're sidestepping zombies for that perfect headshot or crawling around on the floor to get a better look at that Fantastic Contraption you've been working on all day, the way your physical body interacts in the real world matters.
These are incredible experiences, but the HTC Vive as a whole requires some thought as you decide whether it is for you.

With that in mind, we've assembled some of the most important things for you to know about the HTC Vive before you start planning out where it's going to live in your home.

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