Fixing Slow connection on Touch Pro!! :)


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May 15, 2009
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WOW! I think I've finally found a solution to my RF increadably slow initial connection. This is a often noted problem when using RF with touch pro. It isn't a problem with my old Athena at all (even though all of the same programs are loaded on both).

Here's the problem. It was taking 60-90 seconds for my touch pro to fully connect to my Redfly. This made my Redfly (C8) almost useless as far as convinience was concerned. If I wanted to go off and use the bathroom and then come back much latter, it was fine. But that's not what I need.

I tried EVERYTHING, including loading RF drivers first after a hard reset and then loading all other apps in different orders. Yet over the last months, none of this has worked.

A couple of days ago, I used Pocket Breeze's "safe mode," to start my touch pro and vola! When I started my RF with EITHER bluetooth or usb in safe mode, it connected in 10 seconds!

So, I went through my startup folder and deleted each startup program in turn to learn if any of these programs caused the problem in "regular mode." In the end, this didn't seem to do any good. (btw, this is also the case with ae button plus. Although some say this program causes probelms, I have noticed no difference whether it is running or not running.)

So, I switched tactics. I unloaded pocket breeze and all sbsh programs and vola! rf loaded super fast. However, since I like my sbsh programs, I slowly reloaded everything and discovered that the problem SEEMED to be pocket breeze. I ditched PB, and I tried to find a replacement. I don't like touchflo 3d, so I tried other freeware options. I tried Today Agenda and Calendar Plus. BOTH these programs slowed the connection of RF again horribly!

The problem seems to be combination of a couple of things. It may have something to do with how RF's drivers handle redrawing the today screen. However, it also seems to have something to do with today plugins (like calendar apps), which must redraw or refresh data when the screen resolution changes from the touch pro to the RF. Whenever ANY calendar today screen app (other than the stock wm today calendar or tf3d), is used, it slows down the inital connection of my RF to my touch pro terribly.

FYI, this "slowness"happens with ALL RF firmwares and drivers, except the earliest one (the one is not compatible with opera mobile).


I now use a freeware program called mToday (find it on This program can store up to 3 different today screen plugin profiles. So, I have 2 profiles. I have my normal one, which I have always used (This happens to include Retro Clock, pocket breeze, pocket weather and ilauncher.). I also have another profile which includes all plug-ins except pocket breeze.

When I want to use my RF, I switch today screens (with two clicks and 2 seconds) to disable pocket breeze. Then, I can start my RF (either BT or USB), and it connects within 10 seconds. When I'm done with my RF, I can restore my original today screen plugins with 2 clicks and go about my business.

I love my RF but was about to give up because of the initial connection lag problem. Maybe the Celio folks can use this info to figure out how to fix this problem on a driver level.

Sorry this is long. I'm just to excited! Hope this helps others with this same problem. :D


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Sep 7, 2006
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I have noticed this as well. I have a number of apps that come bundled with today screen plugins that make connecting the Redfly a royal pain. 90% of the time it doesnt work.

The part that is annoying and I am not sure can be fixed with your tips is I dont use the today screen plug ins. I use Touchflo and when the redfly connects just the basic default plugins.

So the problem exists even if the today plugins are not used.
I remember reading back a few years ago that today screen plug ins use memory even if they are not enabled.

Is there a way to stop plugins from loading completely?

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