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Hi Everyone.

The last week or so, a desktop on one computer(1st) (on a network with multiple computers) begins to flash off and on. The desktop is not responsive at all, however I can open programs like outlook or chrome and use them while behind, the desktop is flashing.

I have found out that if I restart a different computer(2nd) on the network the flashing stops! While the first computer I mentioned is flashing, a third computer(3rd) on the network will have the spinning circle on the mouse pointer, spinning of and on constantly. And again once I restart that network computer(2nd) the flashing on the 1st computer stops and the spinning circle on the 3rd computer stops...That 2nd computer threw a "sihost" error, but I only seen that once.

I have turned off the recommended services listed on other forums, I don't see any of the 3 programs Microsoft has said caused this installed.. And I have done complete virus removals on the computers.. During the scans it found minimal items and nothing too serious.

I am not sure what to do... Every time I think it is fixed the issue comes back. I have been a tech for 10 years or so and never came across anything like this?

If anyone has any insight or solutions please let me know. My clients needs to be up and going correctly.

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