For a while there it looked as if WP is on it's deathbed. Time to rise again!

Josip Zeljko

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Feb 12, 2014
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These past two months have been a hell of a ride for anyone who loves WP or tech in general.
The negativity surrounding WP has been way over the roof with constant (yet mostly legitimate) complaints. Hell... even I was bothered by Verizon not releasing the Lumia update and I live in a completely different country and own a completely different phone (HTC 8S). Microsoft not announcing any new flagships or even hinting at some. Popular WP "evangelists" loudely pronounced they're leaving WP, even a lot of forum users, and a lot of them actually switched platforms. The extremely slow pace of updating popular apps. Third party apps being blocked... Microsoft making better apps for other platforms and leaving WP users in the dust..... the list just goes on and on and on...... The bad news just never seemed to stop.

And then everything went silent. The tides started turning, maybe just a little bit - but it's enough. Some of the negativity started fading and good things came to light. Popular apps started to get updates, some cool features of the desktop OS leaked... Baby steps, but still in the right direction. Still no flagships announced (at least that's the general opinion - I find the HTC M8 a worthy flaghsip and a beastly smartphone).

To cut a long story short - all of this has made me ask myself one question: Why do I care?
Am I a Microsoft fan? Nope - there was even a time when I hated their guts for being a monopolistic POS. Am I a WP fan? Nope- but I do like it very much. I find it really futuristic and cool loking. In fact I'm not a fan of anything in particular but I am of one thing in general - Tech and Gadgets. I have lived in a world that was dominated by one OS (Windows era) and it is the world in which I don't want to live anymore.
I'm sticking with WP because I am a fan of diversity, a fan competition, a fan of new and cool innovations. I want Google, Microsoft, Apple, Blackberry, Jolla etc. to try to outsmart each other and break a good sweat when trying to innovate. In the end it will be us, the users of those gadgets, who will reap the fruits of that competition.

To cut a long short story even shorter - F.. you Google, F... you Apple, I'm sticking with WP because I love competition .
(Oh... and I love the WP design :winktongue:)

And we're coming to get you :cool:


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Apr 1, 2012
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With Nokia's announcement today that they're stopping development for HERE Maps for WP, I'm sure the doom & gloom society will be contesting every word of your post. I hope you have a thick skin my friend, I mean Rhinoceros thick.


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Feb 11, 2014
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Update, Here maps isn't stopping support of WP Here apps. They blame it on translation issues. No doom and gloom just people wanting there to be doom and usual...

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