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Jun 2, 2011
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UPDATE: 1.8 - 2014-12-23 03:10:00

I'm excited to announce today the 1.8 update "WP8 Console"

- Added new command: [shortcut] to create tiles (shortcut) on the home screen link to a file
- Added new command: [set] to create / edit environment variable
- Adds new command: [tree] To list all files in the current folder and displayed in a tree
- Added new command: [reload] update all files are added, deleted or updated from the phone storage
- Added support batch file (.bat, .bat, .command) can execute the batch file with 'shell' easy to see the available commands please check the Help menu in the application
- Add support and management of files from the phone storage, edit, delete, rename, copy, move the file
- Add new examples files with commands 'batch' in (c: \ scripts)
- Improve in landscape view
- Add the new control loop [for], allowing wonderful combinations for scripts
- Improved performance and fixed some bugs in the user interface (language), network, local control, etc ..

WATCH OUT ! Apparently there is a problem to change the culture of application language for the "lite" version of "WP8 Console" with 1 missing images on the window "Wizzard". Will be corrected in the evening today!

Execute "shell" commands from your Windows Phone, manage your files, automated actions created scripts, created tile shortcuts to files, etc. The only application "console" on the store!
Access to over 45 functions with the controls ("MS-DOS")
- View the contents of a directory
- Read the contents of a file
- Modify a file
- Move a file
- Copy a file
- Rename file
- Print a file and email
- Delete files / folders
- Get information about the network
- Scripts write and run the .bat file script, .wpbat
- Ping - Ipconfig - net view (network control jack)
- Start programm windows phone from the shell
- View / execute files from the shell (music, photos, videos, audio, html, etc.)
- Use the loop function with "for"
- Etc ..

App link:
Console WP8 : Console WP8 | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
Console WP8 Lite : Console WP8 Lite | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
Click on the pictures to see more :good:

Example - Sample code you can use
Example batch file script 1:
//Ask a number to the user and loop on it

@echo off
echo (Enter a number to count please)
set /p /a loopNumber=
for /l %%i in (1,1,%loopNumber%) do echo %%i

Example batch file script 2:

//Remove all the files with the .txt extension from the current directy

for %%i in (*.txt) del %%i

Example batch file script 3:

//Ask the user how many fake folder he wank make

@echo off
echo (How many fake folder do you want make ?)
set /p numberOfFakeFolder=
for /l %%i in (1,1,%numberOfFakeFolder%) md fakeFolder_%%i

Example batch file script 4:
//Ping on google , save the result into a file and send the content by email

@echo off
ping google.com > res.txt
print res.txt
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Jun 2, 2011
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Re: [APP] Console WP8 - Shell Dos app

Update last corrections as requested by user.
-Problem for set the language in the lite version (Console WP8)
-Pictures missing in the wizard popup. When the user use the app the first time
-Problem the help menu not change the language dynamically after set a new language

New version :
Console WP8 Lite
Console WP8

Thanks to Microsoft who release my update very quickly 😜. 1 day !!


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Jul 14, 2008
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? Is there a need for an app like this. Not putting it down, just wondering if many WP users will find it useful.

I appreciate the hard work that went into this app and I applaud the developer for making the effort.


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Jun 2, 2011
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aximtreo hello,
thank you for the encouragement. I just decided to create an app "Shell" when I saw that no app like this exists on "Windows Phone" store, unlike on android and apple store.

The utility would remain restricted to users can more "geek" or nostalgic console online ^^ command.

The user wishing to remove any such extension files in a directory, can do it by a script on this application.
A user wishing to perform regular ping a host in order to check the response time and access then send the result by email ...
etc for example.

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