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Apr 19, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I know, that there are some very good podcast player in the Store.

I want to show you gramocast because it has some special features that are useful for many users.
The user feedback is almost entirely positive. Unfortunately, I am unable to make the player available to a large mass. The search function in the store does not show gramocast. I do not know why. I hope in this way to make the software available to a larger group.

First some impressions of gramocast:

wp_ss_20150206_0004.png wp_ss_20150206_0005.png wp_ss_20150206_0010.png

We all know what a podcast is player is, so I discuss the points that make my podcast player unique.

Groups / Smart Playlist
gramocast can create groups and smart playlists.
The rules for the smart playlist can be quite complex, so here you can control precisely which episodes
you want to hear and in which order.

wp_ss_20150206_0003.png wp_ss_20150206_0006.png wp_ss_20150206_0007.png
wp_ss_20150206_0008.png wp_ss_20150206_0009.png

Driving Mode
Since I drive a lot of car, I would like to control the software with the steering wheel.
If the Driving Mode is activated, the back button opens a menu that can be displayed in the car when the title is transferred via Bluetooth.
The back button then navigates through the menu, the forward button confirms the selection.

You can control the player even if the phone is locked.

WP_20131029_001_thumb.jpg WP_20131029_004_thumb.jpg
wp_ss_20150206_0017.png wp_ss_20150206_0018.png

These are the options in the menu:

1. Skip previous
2. Time left of the current episode
3. Duration of the current episode
4. Remove current episode
5. Close player
6. Exit menu

Chapter Marker
If supported by the podcast, gramocast shows the chapter marker.


Background search and download
gramocast automatically searches for new episodes and - if the phone is plugged in - downloads it automatically. Event if gramocast is closed.

Design is a matter of taste. However, I want to build a great player, a little sets itself apart from the others. So I went to a retro style.
Because I am a very big fan of vinyl, vinyl is also the guiding theme.

Backend server
gramocast is powered by a backend (azure server). Unfortunately there are many podcasts that deliver faulty RSS XML files. In addition, the podcast logos are sometimes very large. The podcasts and episode information are processed on the server. Thus, it is possible to correct erroneous RSS files without the need to deliver a new version. In addition, the episode search works much faster.

Standard features
Of course, all the standard features you can expect are implemented:

  • stream or download audio & video podcasts
  • user authentication
  • buid-in podcast search
  • Top-Podcasts catalog
  • Skip x sec while playing
  • Full bluetooth control

Give it a try and tell me what you think about it.

Link to the store: gramocast | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
Website: gramocast
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/podmeapp
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Apr 19, 2013
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Re: gramocast - A podcast player with many unique features

Good morning :)

a new version is now available in windows store.
These are the changes:


gramocast now supports podlove (including the chapter markers).


New player design

I have changed the player with an optimized UI.

Sleep Timer

Now it is possible to setup gramocast to automatically stop playing.

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Apr 19, 2013
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Now with flattr support

gramocast ist now available in an updated version.

One of the great new features is the flattr integration. You can manually flattr an episode or let gramocast automatically flattr an episode:

08_Lumia_930_350px.png 09_Lumia_930_350px.png

Besides that, the start page now show all unplayed/new episodes:

01_Lumia_930_350px.png 01_1_Lumia_930_350px.png

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