From a Trophy to a 928, My thoughts on Windows Phone


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May 31, 2014
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Hey all just wanted to chime in about WP8.1 and see how many share an opinion with that of my own.

I started off on wp7 with my HTC trophy, to put in perspective how much I love this phone, I still have it ready to go JIC. For anyone who knew this phone I eventually beefed up the memory to 32gb and installed a custom rom on it just to keep it strong. Anyways after my trophy I made the switch to a cyan Lumia 900, again a phone I can actually say I love. The few bad things on the trophy were the cameras and the lack of 4g, the 900 fixed that. Now since I am no longer on a GSM carrier, that phone sits in its box, waiting haha. Finally I come to my Lumia 928, and well I feel the love just isn't there. The phone is great don't get me wrong but there just isn't a wow! Factor with it. My 900 people used to ask "wow is that the new windows phone..." Yep just like the commercial, but the 928 people just ask if it's a galaxy, if they even ask

Now with that I just wanted to mainly share what devices I have used and a little bit into how I felt about them, the real discussion comes to wp8.1 vs 8.0 vs 7.X. I feel having used all three that windows phone is following in windows mobile's footsteps. It seems with each update they add more and more bloat. Going back and comparing the trophy to the 928, I feel I get a better response from my trophy. Things like the calendar and Zune (Xbox) just seemed to run ten fold better on 7. The old Microsoft Sam voice control did great only missing a few words, and even picking up many cuss words haha. Cortana did a lousy job, getting many mistakes. Only way I could get her to hear me was to talk like I was talking to a 95 year old woman about rebuilding a carburetor. Another let down has been the keyboard and lock screen pin. Both are quick laggy and I have noticed a drastic slow down in my texting as I have to wait for the phone to catch up. It is also annoying getting you pin wrong multiple times and having people look at you like you're an *****. If anyone here was an old android user, I feel windows phone is heading down the path of gingerbread. Maybe I am being too picky on particular things, however, when I see someone on an iPhone 4S texting faster than me and having a more fluid experience, something I used to gloat about over iPhone with my trophy and 900, it just makes me was to throw my phone and punch my friend and his iPhone.

There are features I like about 8.1, I definitely don't want to evade that: The drop down notifications, color on keyboard key press, lock screen app control..... Uhm oh and finally screen capture..... Hummm I guess not as many as I had thought.. Anyways it seems my text is going into an abyss of blackness on this message board so I cannot see what I am typing haha hopefully the 8.1 keyboard is doing me justice. Anyways these are my thoughts agree or not I'd like to hear if other long time WP users feel the same way 😊

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