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Gaming - Help me!


New member
Oct 2, 2015
Hi folks,
Long story short, i want to get back into some light gaming, I used to play games all the time, i love PC's and tech and am quite capable of building and maintaining a gaming PC from the ground up, however that's not what i want. I'm usually on the move and don't want to be tied to one place to play games, I'd like an extremely capable 2in1 or a laptop that could handle some of the latest games, I'm not bothered about buying into a logo or a brand I'm only interested in it being able to run some decent games at medium graphics. I have a windows ten mobile and a windows 10 tablet for surfing the web and staying connected so obviously I would like it to run windows 10 and work well out of the box, i don't care about anything above 1080p or battery life as ill just sit next to a charger haha. So can anybody out there help me choose something that could run, say overwatch??