Gaming HP Omen performance and power issues


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Dec 14, 2019
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My laptop is HP OMEN 15, RTX 2070, using the HP 200W power supply.

This power supply runs fine on another laptop

Lately my laptop is having performance issues probably related to the power source or the battery. Every time i start playing a heavy game, the laptop immediately starts acting like i'm unplugging and plugging the charger constantly.

I have joined a video so that you can have clearer understanding of my issue.

As you can see in the last part of my video, the battery icon keeps indicating that i'm unplugging and plugging the charger over and over again.

Please note that i have already cleaned dust out of my computer and changed its thermal pasting thinking that it might solve the issue but unfortunately it didn't.

I also tried running the laptop without its internal battery and everything was fine until i wanted to start playing a game which ended in an immediate and sudden shut down of the laptop.

I'm so confused, and it's making me re think my decision of buying an Omen laptop as it is only 1 years old and showing what might be a serious internal issue.

Will someone please help me figure out a way to solve this ?

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