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May 22, 2016
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I have been using GDrive.Net for a while. I liked it at first because of its simplicity; and my feeling towards the app grew more and more. Now, I like it much that I would like to help spread the word among our Windows 10 users.

The Gdrive.Net app is 'simple' to use for us having used Windows for years; and it uses the screen real estate very well. You almost do not need to re-learn anything.
While simple, the app, however, contains such rich features that it is awarded 'EPIC app' by Ad-duplex. With the full version (only ?1.49) you gain access to all features including Windows Hello; Dark theme; Auto-upload; Ability to manage multiple Google Drive accounts in the same app (well, I cannot try this one for obvious reason - I have one Google Drive account).

One killer feature of this app is that it can display 'ALL' file types you uploaded to Google Drive. This is great for me since my browser (MS Edge) does not show my many DNG photos that I uploaded (After waiting for upload complete for a long time - I almost killed myself after I couldn't find them in my browser, then I found this saviour).

If you have not tried this app, I strongly recommend to give it a go on 'ALL' your devices. Let me know your thought of this app.

(Note - I am just a happy user)

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